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The effect of cashew leaf extract on small intestine morphology and growth performance of Jawa Super chicken

Research (Published online: 03-08-2018)
5. The effect of cashew leaf extract on small intestine morphology and growth performance of Jawa Super chicken
H. Setiawan, M. E. Jingga and H. T. Saragih
Veterinary World, 11(8): 1047-1054
Aim: This research aimed to study the effect of leaf extract of cashew as a bioactive compound in feed on the morphology of the small intestine in Jawa Super chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus).
Materials and Methods: This study used 72 1-day-old Jawa Super chicks reared for a further 16 days. We used a randomized complete design, in which basal feed was supplemented with ethanolic extract of cashew leaves at 0 g/kg feed (control), 1.25 g/kg feed (P1), 2.5 g/kg feed (P2), 5 g/kg feed (P3), 10 g/kg feed (P4), and 20 g/kg feed (P5). Parameters observed included growth performance, chicken morphometry, and morphology of the small intestine, comprising the length and width of the villi, the depth of the crypt, and the number and size of goblet cells in the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum. Data analysis was conducted using one-way ANOVA followed by Duncan's test, with significance defined as p<0.05.
Results: Ethanolic extract of cashew leaf significantly increased body weight, feed efficiency, body morphometry, villus length, crypt depth, number of goblet cells, and extent of goblet cell area of the small intestine at 16 days. The morphological results from the small intestine showed that P4 and P5 were significantly better than control.
Conclusion: Cashew leaf ethanolic extract mixed with 10 g/kg basal feed is effective as a natural feed supplement for Jawa Super chickens.
Keywords: cashew leaf, feed supplement, growth performance, Jawa Super chicken, small intestine.

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