Friday, 21 August 2015

Editor-in-Chief Welcomes blog post related to Veterinary, Human and Environment news/research

Editor-in-Chief of Veterinary World has decided to publish blog post from readers/fellows to publicize news related to research. We welcome post related to Veterinary, Human and Environment news/research.

Please send us your post at and we will be happy to publish your post/s.

Benefits to publish post with us:
- Global audience.
- Large no. of email subscribers.
- We will put your name, affiliation and CV link at the end of post. So, your news/work will have global exposure.
- You can send the abstract and link of your published paper. 

- Please do not send copy and paste work which is already available at many websites.
- News/paper must be interesting and relevant to the subjects.
- Each submission will be reviewed by Editor-in-Chief and published only after decision of him. Decision of Editor-in-Chief will be final for publication of post in Blog.
- Please mention the category of post, your research interests and significance of your news/paper in the post.
- Paper sent for post must be open access and have CC-BY licence (you have to provide full text link).

I request to re-post this post in your community blog, college/institute blog, journal blog etc for wider circulation of this innovative thought to publish guest blog.
For any query/suggestion please contact at
Editor-in-Chief, Veterinary World,

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