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Radiographic prediction of metallic foreign body penetration in the reticulum of cows and buffaloes

Research (Published online: 16-04-2018)
13. Radiographic prediction of metallic foreign body penetration in the reticulum of cows and buffaloes
Shanib Mehraj Makhdoomi, Vandana Sangwan, and Ashwani Kumar
Veterinary World, 11(4): 488-496
Aim: This study aimed to evaluate the role of radiography in the standing (right and left) and recumbent (right) lateral positions for the detection and prediction of metallic foreign body penetration in the reticular wall.
Materials and Methods: A total of 41 bovines (23 cows and 18 buffaloes) having at least one sharp metallic foreign body (>1 cm) detected on reticular radiographs were investigated, and their extent of penetration in the reticular wall was confirmed on the left flank laparorumenotomy.
Results: Of total sharp metallic foreign bodies retrieved on rumenotomy, the maximum percent were detected on the right recumbent radiographic view (75.00% in cows and 57.14% in buffaloes) compared to the right standing (54.38% in cows and 40.42% in buffaloes) and left standing (51.06% in cows and 27.08% in buffaloes) radiographic views. The presence of gas pocket or nodule adjoining a foreign body, faintly visible foreign body, foreign body that appeared partially or completely out of the reticulum, and foreign body that appeared parallel, into, or directed toward the diaphragm indicated a high probability in the prediction of penetrating foreign body in the left standing (100%) followed by the right recumbent (85.71% in cattle and 90% in buffaloes) and right standing (94.74% in cattle and 55.56% in buffaloes) radiographic views.
Conclusion: The right recumbent radiographic view is most reliable to detect sharp metallic foreign bodies in bovine. Buffaloes engulf more number of foreign bodies; however, comparatively, the number of completely or partially penetrating foreign bodies is high in cattle. The hypothesized radiographic parameters for the prediction of penetrability of the metallic foreign body were 100% reliable in the left standing radiographic view in both the species.
Keywords: bovine, cows, cranioventral abdomen, radiograph, reticulum.

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