Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Meta-analysis of classical swine fever prevalence in pigs in India: A 5-year study

Research (Published online: 13-03-2018)
7. Meta-analysis of classical swine fever prevalence in pigs in India: A 5-year study
S. S. Patil, K. P. Suresh, S. Saha, A. Prajapati, D. Hemadri and P. Roy
Veterinary World, 11(3): 297-303
Aim: The aim of the study was to determine the overall prevalence of classical swine fever (CSF) in pigs in India, through a systematic review and meta-analysis of published data.
Materials and Methods: Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture, India, Google Scholar, PubMed, annual reports of All India Coordinated Research Project on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance,and All India Animal Disease database of NIVEDI (NADRES) were used for searching and retrieval of CSF prevalence data (seroprevalence, virus antigen, and virus nucleic acid detection) in India using a search strategy combining keywords and related database-specific subject terms from January 2011 to December 2015 in English only.
Results: A total of 22 data reports containing 6,158 samples size from 18 states of India were used for the quantitative synthesis, and overall 37% (95% confidence interval [CI]=0.24, 0.51) CSF prevalence in India was estimated. The data were classified into 4 different geographical zones of the country: 20% (95% CI=0.05, 0.55), 31% (95% CI=0.18, 0.47), 55% (95% CI=0.32, 0.76), and 34% (95% CI=0.14, 0.62). CSF prevalence was estimated in northern, eastern, western, and southern regions, respectively.
Conclusion: This study indicates that overall prevalence of CSF in India is much lower than individual published reports.
Keywords: Classical swine fever, India, meta-analysis, pigs, prevalence.

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