Thursday, 12 October 2017

West African donkey's liveweight estimation using body measurements

Research (Published online: 12-10-2017)
10. West African donkey's liveweight estimation using body measurements
Pierre Claver Nininahazwe, Adama Sow, Rakiswende Constant Roamba, Miguiri Kalandi, Hachi Dirir Ahmed, Georges Anicet Ouedraogo and Germain Jerome Sawadogo
Veterinary World, 10(10): 1221-1226
Aim: The objective of this study was to determine a formula for estimating the liveweight in West African donkeys.
Materials and Methods: Liveweight and a total of 6 body measurements were carried out on 1352 donkeys from Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, and Senegal. The correlations between liveweight and body measurements were determined, and the most correlated body measurements with liveweight were used to establish regression lines.
Results: The average weight of a West African donkey was 126.0±17.1 kg, with an average height at the withers of 99.5±3.67 cm; its body length was 104.4±6.53 cm, and a heart girth (HG) of 104.4±6.53 cm. After analyzing the various regression lines and correlations, it was found that the HG could better estimate the liveweight of West African donkeys by simple linear regression method. Indeed, the liveweight (LW) showed a better correlation with the HG (R2=0.81). The following formulas (Equations 1 and 2) could be used to estimate the LW of West Africa donkeys. Equation 1: Estimated LW (kg) = 2.55 x HG (cm) - 153.49; Equation 2: Estimated LW (kg) = Heart girth (cm)2.68 / 2312.44.
Conclusion: The above formulas could be used to manufacture weighing tape to be utilized by veterinary clinicians and farmers to estimate donkey's weight in the view of medication and adjustment of load.
Keywords: body measurements, donkey, estimated liveweight, West Africa.

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